Smart Beauty Buys: When To Splurge And When To Save

Splurge on: Foundation

"I recommend splurging on foundation," says Bower. "The textures are often finer and your ability to find the right color is made easier. The one inexpensive foundation I think is excellent is Revlon Colorstay. It has a really great range of colors and I have had many actors bring that to me as their chosen base."

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 Associate Beauty Producer

Ask any savvy beauty junkie, and she'll tell you that the most well-curated makeup collections are those that contain a solid mix of prestige and drugstore brands. See, when it comes to beauty products, price and quality do not necessarily go hand in hand.

Makeup shopping can be tricky like that, so we asked celebrity makeup artist Kim Bower, who counts Christina Hendricks, Kerry Washington and Jennifer Morrison as clients, to let us in on which products she recommends heading to the drugstore for and which are worth the extra investment.

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