12 Famous Faces Who Make Us Want To Get Platinum Hair Right Now

Soo Joo Park

Soo Joo Park has made it clear she doesn't want to be typecast as your standard Asian model, which is precisely why her signature platinum locks were a brilliantly strategic move in her ascension to supermodel-dom.

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Call me a creature of habit. After a horrifying highlight mishap in 2004 ("I said honey, not bronze!"), I've remained a stickler about maintaining my hair's au naturale hue. I've always appreciated—and, frankly, envied—those ladies among us who fearlessly take beauty risk after beauty risk, but, as I've learned, there's few things worse than a serious case of buyer's remorse.

But of course, my stubborn mindset isn't for everyone, and a few daredevils have been turning heads and making headlines after spending more than a few hours at the salon—and that, my friends, is by going platinum. Two weeks ago, Into The Gloss' Emily Weiss sent us into major swoon territory when she debuted her brand new bleached hair, and, quite honestly, we at Lucky haven't exactly been able to stop talking about it. With just right coloring (Weiss' is exemplary), a platinum dye job instantly ups the ante in showcasing one's skin, brows and features.

Though dramatic, platinum manes have been around since the Marilyn Monroe days, it's been cropping up on several of our favorite ladies as of late. Ready to start daydreaming about taking the platinum plunge? Click through above to see 12 bleach-blonde babes who will make you want to book a consultation with your hair stylist—in my case, well, almost.

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