Dear Lucky: 'How Should I Groom My Brows To Fit Glasses?'


Q How should I groom my brows to fit my thick-frame glasses? —Emma

A Dear Emma,
I often believe myself to have hidden psychic powers, and this impression was reinforced when I decided to call makeup guru Bobbi Brown about this question; she couldn’t speak to me right away because she was busy on a shoot for her new line of … eyeglasses (look for them this spring)! “Brows are the unsung heroes of the face,” she declared when we finally spoke. “Eyeglass frames draw attention to the brows—you should definitely keep them well groomed. Pluck or trim scraggly hairs, and fill in holes or sparse spots with a brow pencil or powder shadow that closely matches your hair.” (She makes brow kits in dark or light shades, with mini tweezers, a brow brush, two shades of shadow and a compact mirror.) She notes that the actual shape of the brow should be the same, glasses or no: The start of your brow should align with the inner corner of the eye, and the arch should be three quarters of the way across the brow from there. In choosing frames, she is adamant: “You never want your glasses to hide your brows.”

Accessories director Julia Kalachnikoff is obsessive on this last point, however: She feels sunglasses should always cover the brows. But eyeglasses, she allows, are different. “Yes,” she concedes. “My glasses do show my brows, and it looks normal. I don’t know why there’s a difference, but there is!”

J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons single-handedly revived the thick-frame look.
Dave M. Benett/Getty Images for J.Crew


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