19 Women Who Make Grey Hair Look Gorgeous

Daphne Guinness

This super-stylish heiress is as famous for her multi-tonal grey mane as she is for her collection of couture.


Senior Digital Editor

There are brunettes, there are blondes, there are redheads—and then there are those select women who sport grey hair with such stylish ease that it's hard not to envy them. Contrary to popular opinion, silvery strands aren't (and shouldn't be!) reserved for ladies of a certain age; in fact, some of our favorite under-30 singers, style stars and TV personalities have taken the pale hue for a spin, too. On the more traditional side of the spectrum, of course, many an award-winning actress and veteran supermodel has chosen to put down the dye and embrace her grey with absolute grace.

Click through above to check out 19 of our favorite grey-haired stars. From Daphne Guinness to Linda Fargo to Lady Gaga, these women prove that sometimes, silver comes in first place.


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