Seven Easy Ways To Fix And Avoid Manicure Mishaps

Bring your own polish to the salon to ensure that you can make touch-ups later.

When a nail chips, you have two options. If it's a minor chip, carefully fill the area with the matching color using a toothpick or nail dotter. To remedy larger issues, dip the bottom part of a finger in nail polish remover and gently rub over the chipped nail to diffuse the original coat. Next, paint a new layer of polish over it. Finish both options with a top coat.

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The moment you step out of the nail salon, all it takes is one sudden movement to cause that first, infuriating chip or smudge. It seems to happen in slow motion, though it takes no time at all for your mood to switch from relaxed to exasperated. For the rest of the day, there it is. It's staring at you, taunting you—if only you could just go back in time!

Deep breath. The damage is far from irreversible. Click through above to learn how you can quickly patch up any unfortunate nail accident—and how you can prevent them in the future.


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