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Manicure emergency? Click through to learn how to fix annoying chips and smudges, plus tips on how to avoid future nail snafus.

Bring your own polish to the salon to ensure that you can make touch-ups later.

When a nail chips, you have two options. If it's a minor chip, carefully fill the area with the matching color using a toothpick or nail dotter. To remedy larger issues, dip the bottom part of a finger in nail polish remover and gently rub over the chipped nail to diffuse the original coat. Next, paint a new layer of polish over it. Finish both options with a top coat.

If you don't have a matching polish at home and the chip is located at the very top of the nail, you can file and buff the nail to improve its appearance.
Nail stickers are a great way to conceal any mistakes and accidents, plus it'll look like you have a whole new manicure in no time!

But the quickest and easiest solution? Glitter.

Click through for tips on how to avoid dings and chips.

Hot water causes nail polish to peel. Always wear gloves while cleaning the dishes and be extra cautious in the shower.



When you leave the salon, you may think your nails are completely dry—but you're probably wrong. For some extra assurance and to speed up the process, apply quick-dry drops on each nail. I'm partial to Qtica's Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator.
To prolong the life of your manicure, apply a layer of top coat every couple of days.