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Get the cut right.
Go for a classic shape with a few layers for movement. "When in doubt, think Brigitte Bardot, the most major bombshell ever. Bangs or no bangs, open at the cheekbones, the style framed her face so beautifully. If there’s one look that works for almost every woman, this is it."
Always brush out curls.
"The idea terrifies women with curly hair, but it’s my favorite thing. Then the hair becomes big, and you can use a soft lacquer and a curling iron or throw in a few hot rollers to tame it. It gives you big, sexy—not crunchy—curls, so you don’t look like an earth mother."
No drastic color changes (with a few exceptions).
"To capture the softness that a bombshell look needs, opt for dramatic, bleached-out white or stay close to your natural color. (By going black or red, you gain the drama but lose that softness.) Plus, while she’s young, every girl should go platinum at least once. That’s an amazing look."
You, but better.
"Long, beachy waves look great on Gisele because that’s how her hair dries naturally. Once you force it, it stops looking chic. Don’t make it stick-straight, for instance, if you're super-curly; just make it smaller. When you fight your natural texture, you lose youthfulness."