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Since there's no golden formula for the perfect evening skincare routine, it takes plenty of trial and error to find one that works. But even then, you've got to regularly shake up your standby mix with a few new products. How else will you know if there's something even better out there?!

To help you round out your bedtime beauty regimen, this series will highlight the cleansers, moisturizers, serums and masks our editors use before hitting the sack. Today we're zeroing in on the PM beauty buys Lucky editor-in-chief Eva Chen has on rotation. Every since learning that the average Japanese woman applies roughly nine skincare products each night, she's been using between nine and twelve herself. "When I heard that, it kind of upped the ante for me. Hearing about the meticulous way they take care of their skin really inspired me."

All that hard work's been paying off. Thanks to her scrupulous routine, Eva looks glowy on even the busiest of days. Read on to see how she does it—and then shop her picks in the slideshow above.

"Every night when I get home, I wash my face, either with a wipe if I'm feeling extra lazy—I like the ones from Klorane, Seventh Generation and Yes To—or cleansing water. The one I've been using lately is from the No7 line from Boots in England, which is sold at Target here. Some people just use cleansing waters as a cleanser, but I use it as a sort of pre-cleanse. So I'll pre-wash my face with that before using a proper cleanser. The kind of cleanser I use depends on the season. In the summer I use a foaming cleanser; foaming cleanser tends to strip the skin because of the sulfates in it, and the surfactant that makes it bubbly. I tend to use that in the summer because that's when my skin gets really oily. But in the winter I use a cleansing oil. Recently I've been using one from Lancome and another Shu Uemera—which was actually the original cleansing oil. I know it sounds weird to cleanse your face with oil, but it leaves your skin feeling so soft and buttery—in a good way. You get addicted.

Depending on how my skin is looking, I'll sometimes use an anti-acne product after cleansing, just in the T-zone area. I use Avene Cleanance K Cream-gel, which has salicylic acid and other anti-acne ingredients in it. What I like about it is that it's great for adult skin. When I was a teenager and had acne, I wanted a product that I could feel burning half my face off. What's good about this, though, is that it feels really gentle and doesn't cause flaky skin. The spot treatment I like the best is Dermatologia's Overnight Clearing Gel. A few nights a week I'll also do an at-home face mask. I have a huge number of masks at home. I love Mario Badescu's gingko one; also Juara's line of organic masks and Chanel's Hydramax mask. Shiseido has a whole anti-aging line called Benefiance I really like; and SK-II's sheets, of course, are a classic. Also, Erno Laszlo has a great mask for oily skin, which I use in the summer.

After I rinse off my mask, I'll do a serum. In the winter, I use a face oil as a serum. With face oils, some people might hear the word and get really scared, but it's actually really great for skin. Even if you have oily skin, it's okay. I've been using one from Fresh, called Seaberry, lately. But for anyone with oily or combination skin, I recommend using Clarins' Lotus Face Treatment for combination skin. Other face oils I like include: Rodin Olio Lusso, Darphin, REN and this new brand called Indie Lee. It doesn't have any preservatives and is very light on the skin. Oh, and Dermalogica has one that smells like roses! Whenever I use it on an airplane, people comment on it.

Next, I put eye cream on. The eye cream I've been using is from this new brand called Restorsea. I really like it—it's great for hydrating and I really think it's helped with the fine lines. If you have really dry skin under your eyes, Kiehls Creamy Avocado Treatment is really fantastic. And, if you like a gel—and don't mind splurging—the La Prairie serum is heavenly. Sometimes it disappears from my medicine cabinet. That usually means my mother has visited and 'borrowed' it.

Following eye cream, I put night cream on my face. I've been using [organic brand] Indie Lee's Squaline Facial Cream lately. It feels really great and I like that it's all natural. I also love Olay Regenerist, the fragrance-free kind. Sometimes at the end of the day, when I'm putting all these products on my face, it's nice to have just one without a scent. I've been using Regenerist for over ten years now; it's one of the few things in my skincare life that has remained a constant. That and SK-II masks and Sally Hansen nail polish!

I use a special lip balm at night that I'm weirdly obsessed with—Laurel [Pantin] from the fashion department actually introduced me to it. It's Neosporin Overnight Lip Renewal. When I put it on, it makes my lips kind of white, kind of like a skier or lifeguard from 1984 with that zinc-y sunscreen face. But my lips are so soft the next morning! It's how I avoid cracked, flaky lips in the fall and winter.

When I'm done with my face, before I go to sleep, I use a ridiculous amount of body lotion—I have really dry skin. Since the surface area I'm covering with lotion is so high, I like to use something organic. My go-to lately has been Seventh Generation. I love Burt's Bees' Milk and Honey body lotion as well; it's a classic. My special foot cream is AmLactin. It's super random, but literally gets all the dead skin off your feet. It's a really gross and unglamorous topic to talk about, but it's very practical. That's why I highly recommend this foot cream! There is a very high acid content in it, though, which melts away the dead skin, so it's not good to use if you have paper cuts. [Exposing an open wound to the cream] is exceptionally painful. And that's it, my entire nighttime skincare routine!" - Eva Chen, editor-in-chief

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