Airplane Beauty 101: Lucky Editors' Favorite In-Flight Products

Having a foolproof air travel beauty routine means you can go straight from the plane to sightseeing! Click through to cut down on your post-flight recovery time now.

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Every flight seems to have one: that girl who, even after spending several hours enduring the same dry, cramped conditions as everybody else, deplanes looking mind-bogglingly dewy and well-rested. She leaves you too intrigued to be jealous, because who survives air travel without getting puffy eyes and dry patches? Does that mean you can as well?

According to our editors, the answer is yes. As you'll see in the slideshow above, which includes their in-flight beauty routines, maintaining your skin, health and hair while traveling through the sky all comes down to the right products. Click through to see what they use, and to stock up before your next big trip—next time, you'll be the one everyone notices.

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