Evening Skincare Secrets: Senior Associate Beauty Editor Megan O'Neill Shares Her Nighttime Routine

Click through to see what products Lucky's senior associate beauty editor, Megan O'Neill, has been using before bed.


Since there's no golden formula for the perfect evening skincare routine, it takes plenty of trial and error to find one that works. But even then, you've got to regularly shake up your standby mix with a few new products. How else will you know if there's something even better out there?!

To help you round out your bedtime beauty regimen, this series will highlight the cleansers, moisturizers, serums and masks our editors use before hitting the sack. Today we're sharing picks from our senior associate beauty editor Megan O'Neill. Read on for her full evening skincare routineand shop her favorite products in the slideshow above!

"I make a point of washing my face in the shower because the steaminess opens my pores and allows my cleanser to really sink in. Right now—I say and mean 'right now' because in two weeks my regimen will be entirely different (thus is the fluctuating skin care routine of a beauty editor)—I'm using Acure Sensitive Probiotic Facial Cleanser. I'm obsessed with incorporating probiotics into my routine because I recently went to a seminar that underscored how they're this miracle, skin-clearing ingredient (ingesting them is majorly effective, as well as using them topically—they are soothing and bacteria-fighting, and research shows they specifically are great for combating acne and rosacea). Immediately after stepping out of the shower I gently pat my face dry and apply VMV Hypoallergenic Acne Gel—it's anti-fungal, contains irritation-quelling coconut extract and the gel consistency feels more hydrating to me. And the prettiness of the blue bottle is encouraging. And then sometimes I dot Indie Lee Spot treatment on an especially overt pimple—and it is significantly decreased by morning." - Megan O'Neill, senior associate beauty editor


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