Seven On-the-Go Midday Beauty Fixes

How to Cover Up a Surprise Zit

"First use a little bit of primer. My go-to is NARS Pore Refining Oil-free Primer.

Use your finger in a tapping motion to apply and then follow with your favorite concealer. Clé de Peau is a great option. Apply concealer in a patting method using a concealer brush, or a clean finger. Touch up with a bit of foundation and voila."

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Be it from stress, lack of sleep or a rushed morning, we've all had those days where a midday glimpse in the mirror causes a minor shock. All of a sudden you find yourself faced with an unforeseen beauty emergency, like a surprise zit or severe undereye circles. Luckily, these are hiccups that can be fixed—and fast. 

Above, Nordstrom beauty stylist Enisa Sabovi shares her best tips on how to remedy any surprise beauty situation like a pro.

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