PHOTOS: Miley Cyrus Debuts Dramatically Bleached Eyebrows

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via Instagram/@mileycyrus

You'll be surprised to hear that Miley Cyrus' latest antic involves neither twerking nor tattoos. Instead, it's about her hair—but not about that platinum pixie atop her head.

No, it appears that Miley has bleached her eyebrows, rending them almost completely invisible and transforming her face into something extremely alien-like. Her new brows debuted next to Miranda Kerr (because apparently they're friends?) late last night on Instagram, with nary a caption as to why she's chosen this new look.

Time for a change? Probably. Getting ready to stir up more chatter this weekend when she performs at the American Music Awards? Almost definitely.

What do you think of Miley Cyrus' new bleached eyebrows?

via Instagram/@mileycyrus

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