I am mesmerized by miniature items. Anything shrunken, I find a thousand times more fascinating than original size. While the others in my go-getter hometown (Palo Alto, California, ground zero of all tech-ness) studied, I spent my early years perfecting the dollhouse clay “pie”: You tuck clay “cherries” into bottle caps (Lilliputian pie plates), then crisscross the tops with strips of “dough.”

I was electrified at a recent Chloé party by these miniature sandwiches: In our carb-phobic world, they are a guilty pleasure you can feel not-too-terribly guilty about. They are a canapé that is neither giant and messy nor vanishingly unsatisfying. Best of all, they resemble a scroll you might find in the hand of, say, a Lannister. And then the tiny bottle of See by Chloé! It is like a (gorgeously!) scented serum you dab on with the tiniest, chicest red brush. Heaven on earth!

See by Chloé Paint a Scent, $35, chloe.com