No, I Did Not Get A Blowout This Morning!

Head Magician (and Senior Beauty Editor)

I don’t think I have great hair—something I’ve mentioned quite a few times in the pages of Lucky. It’s certainly gotten better over the years (after countless hours spent testing volumizers and sitting patiently in my colorist’s chair), but this morning I finally felt like I had triumphed. I sat down next to Megan O’Neill and she said to me: “Did you just get a blowout?

No! I didn’t! The only thing I did differently was use a new blow dryer, one created by master stylist Harry Josh (that we featured in our October issue). I love how the mint green shade fits in with my bathroom color scheme (pink, green and gold), and I now I love it even more for giving me—finally—great hair.

Harry Josh Pro Tools Dryer 2000, $300,


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