Why Face Oils Are The Answer To Your Cold Weather Skincare Woes

Our editor-in-chief recently Instagrammed her favorite face oils. Click through to shop her picks, plus a few others worth checking out.

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Assistant Digital Producer

There are a lot of good reasons to follow our editor-in-chief, Eva Chen, on Instagram: for outfit inspiration, a glimpse inside the Lucky offices or—my own personal favorite—for her top-notch beauty advice. In her feed, you'll find images of her tried-and-true skincare regimens, her latest adventures in nail polish and must-have products. Recently, she shared a group shot of her favorite face oils that left me exceptionally intrigued. I needed one, that was clear. But why? After some research, here's what I learned:

First off, face oils will not leave you feeling greasy or looking extra-shiny. They will, however, make your skin look glowy and radiant, increase firmness, moisturize, even out your complexion and even help with acne. These unreal results are due in part to the fact that oils sink into your skin quicker and penetrate deeper than other types of skincare treatments. This quality is especially beneficial during the colder months, when skin needs all the hydration and nourishment it can get. So yeah, we all need one, like now. Click through above to find the perfect option for you.


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