Your One-And-Done Ziploc Bag of Travel Beauty Products

Click through for all the toiletry travel essentials you need to pack in your bag—they're all under 3.1 fl. oz.!

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When it comes to traveling, I'm a carry-on type of girl. I love knowing that everything I need for my trip is quietly shifting around in the overhead bin, rather than haphazardly getting tossed on a plane on its way to someplace like Guam. (Maybe I've watched Meet the Fockers one too many times...) Truth be told, wherever I'm going, I'd rather be safe than sorry and stuck without my favorite shampoo.

So especially when I'm carrying my luggage on board, I've learned not to complicate things by packing too many toiletries with me. After a semi-traumatic experience recently where the TSA took my 3.5 oz. bottle of perfume (along with my tears), I've mastered the science of narrowing down all my toiletry essentials into a travel-friendly, one-quart Ziploc bag—perfect to throw in your carry-on or in your purse for easy access.

Click through for airplane-approved, multi-tasking beauty products that help save you space (and money!). 

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