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Click through for the beauty resolutions you should make in 2014.
Get bold with lipstick.
Statement lips are totally the new nail art. WWD recently reported that while nail polish sales are declining, lipstick sales are up big-time. Purple, orange, hot's the time to go for it!
Leave your eyebrows alone.
Seriously, put the tweezers down. Give your brows the chance to finally grow in. You'll like the results—we promise.
Get into a solid skincare regimen and stick to it.
Truly taking care of your skin means more than splashing soap and water on your face. Check out our editors' tried-and-true routines for inspiration.
Cut it all off.
Go ahead, get that dramatic haircut you've always secretly wanted. This year, celebs proved that the shorter and choppier, the better.
Wear sunscreen everyday.
Yes, even during the winter. Trust us—your undamaged skin will thank you later.
Go bare-faced every once in a while.
It was refreshing to see so many makeup artists embracing natural beauty Backstage at New York Fashion Week earlier this year. The takeaway? Ditch the heavy makeup and showcase your gorgeous features. Individuality is a trend we hope never goes out of style.