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Click through to learn how Alexa Chung achieves beachy waves—and all about her unique approach to skincare.
"Since the inception of makeup, people have mastered what the classics are. If you look at photos of Audrey Hepburn and Veronica Lake, there's a reason that Hollywood glamour look is constantly being copied. It's the most flattering. I'm not particular adventurous with experimenting with new makeup styles because I think there's a formula and it suits women. It's a cat eye. It's a red lip. The classics."
The L'Oréal Professionnel spokesperson trusts the brand for a good reason: "I have color in my hair so I use their new line of Inoa shampoo and conditioner to maintain the color—it's so nourishing and shiny for hair. It's exactly what it needs."
"I put L'Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil on the ends of my hair to stop them from going dry. I blow dry my fringe and let everything else dry naturally."
"Recently, I discovered that if you put sea salt spray and twist your hair into two buns, you'll have perfect waves. It's a trick that only works on really fine hair though."
"I've been quite frank about how I don't have a great skincare routine. To be honest, I grab the nearest soap around and hope for the best. I was struggling to find the best moisturizers that will be good for this winter weather. But I've recently discovered that when I mix together Cetapahil body lotion and Decléor vitamin E oil and put the combination on my face, it's great for winter because it's heavier."
"When it comes to beauty inspiration, it's hard for me to name people because I think beauty is so personal. It's so much about how you feel inside, which is cheesy but true. My best friend Tennessee Thomas has these amazingly long Marianne Faithfull-like lashes that are naturally like that and all she needs is a little bit of mascara. It's nice when people celebrate their own quirks, though—and the people that I admire, I don't look like at all."