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We saved our money, and we saved our money, and at last we saved up enough to go to the famous NYC restaurant Bouley. It was dark—fall, post–daylight savings—and the Tribeca wind was already howling. Inside was a largish vestibule, set about with apple crates. The scent that enveloped us—a trillion apples, in a cool room—is forever the epitome of elegance to me; I attempt to copy the gesture with a bowl of apples at my front door, but really, it takes a trillion apples.

You will not be able to stop yourself from smiling when you try this apple-brandy perfume. It takes me back to that Bouley vestibule, but it is in no way one of those one-note, how-funny fragrances. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised at the gorgeousness of its brandy element; Kilian’s last name is not Hennessy for nothing. What does surprise me is how sophisticated and sexy it is. A winter perfume that isn’t spicy or musky, a gourmand that isn’t sweet. A perfect surprise.

Apple Brandy New York by Kilian, $235, bykilian.com

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