Our Senior Digital Editor's Guide To Doing Your Makeup In Five Minutes Flat

"As a web editor, my day begins and ends with social media. Two seconds after I turn off my iPhone alarm and do a quick email check, I'm already scrolling through Twitter and Instagram to see what's up. If I were more of a morning person, I'd sit down and read the newspaper like a civilized human being—but weekends tend to be the only time I can actually do that. Thank goodness for WWD.com! Once all my online business is in order, it's time to face...my face."

Click through for Elana's five-minute morning beauty routine!

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At Lucky, we like to share. From our foolproof holiday gift ideas to our airplane beauty essentials, our tried-and-true tips are always free of charge.

Last month we let you in on our evening skincare routines, and now we're sharing our perfected morning beauty regimens. In this series you'll find time-saving tips, makeup and skincare tricks and the beloved products we won't leave the house without applying.

Today we're featuring the no-fuss routine of Lucky's senior digital editor, Elana Fishman. Above, she walks us through her full A.M. process.

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