Our Editor-in-Chief Eva Chen Shares Her Incredibly Detailed Travel Beauty Tips

Click through for the scoop on Eva Chen's incredibly meticulous travel beauty routine.

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Where are you off to this holiday season? Perhaps you're heading home to spend Christmas with your parents, baking cookies and stuffing stockings. Maybe you're headed to your significant other's home to mix and mingle with his or her family. It could even be that you have an epic getaway planned for you and your closest pals—nothing wrong with a little "Friendsmas" fun! No matter where you're headed, though, there's a decent chance you'll be boarding an airplane to reach your holiday destination.

Nobody's more well acquainted with the ins and outs of air travel than our own editor-in-chief, Eva Chen. Sometimes, it seems as though Eva's off to a different place every week—but even while racking up all those sky miles, she never slacks off on her usual beauty routine. In fact, she sees travel as the perfect opportunity to test-drive new products! Click through above for the scoop on our editor-in-chief's incredibly meticulous in-flight (and post-flight) beauty routine—and to shop the travel-perfect products she swears by.

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