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Here are all the pro tips you need to know in order to wear a dark lipstick—including how to make the color last.
"Dark lipstick needs a little preproduction on the lips for the best effect," says celebrity makeup artist Charlie Green. "Dark lipstick grips onto dry areas of your mouth that can result in an uneven look, so it's important to prime. To remove dry skin, saturate your lips the night before with a balm like Aquaphor."
Before you apply your lipstick, "mix a little raw sugar and lip balm onto your lips to gently exfoliate," says New York City-based makeup artist Andie Markoe-Byrne.
"Use a matching lip pencil to sculpt the shape of the mouth," says Green. "Also, fill in the lips completely with the pencil. This will give you a great deep base color and something for your lipstick to stick to—almost like a base coat. I love M.A.C. lip pencils since they are the perfect combo of color and texture."
"If your lip pencil is too hard to color your mouth with, stick the pencil in your pocket for five minutes while you do the rest of your makeup. Your body heat will gently soften the lead just right," says Green.
"Choose the right type of formula: A very moisturizing, creamy lipstick will generally not last as long as a matte one," says Green.
If you make a mistake, it's not the end of the world. "Take a pointed Q-tip and go around edges. I also love using a concealer pen with a brush tip to go around the edges to make it perfect," says Markoe-Byrne.
"Take a tissue and peel the layers away until it's a single ply. Then blot your lipstick through the tissue  and dust a little translucent powder (try Laura Mercier Transluscent Loose Setting Powder, $35, onto the tissue over your lips. This will set your lipstick to last and make it a bit more matte, too, so it lasts," says Markoe-Byrne.
Let your lips be the focal point of your look. "For the daytime, I like dark lips paired with tons of mascara and a bold eyebrow," says Green.
"Even if you're wearing dark lipstick out to a party, keep the rest of your makeup simple. Focus on fresh, dewy skin, a pretty flushed cheek and mascara to keep the look modern," says Markoe-Byrne.
"To remove dark lipstick, an eye makeup remover works best to get rid of the deep pigments," says Green.