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During the winter months especially, hydration is key. Lucky editor Jenna Gottlieb is on her A-game. Click through for her morning moisturizing must-haves.
"I'm a morning showerer, so I always wash my face in the shower first thing using nothing but Dove unscented soap and warm water (it's more effective than coffee at waking me up!)."
"After drying off, I moisturize from the neck down with Everyone Lotion in Coconut and Lemon—it's gentle and smells like Hawaii."
"On my face, I use Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer with SPF 30, which is super-light, non-greasy and practically scentless."
"Then, since I am a constant battler of eye-makeup residue, I take a Q-tip and gently clear away the remaining black smudge from the day before. Lastly, it's Aquaphor—on my lips, under eyes and anywhere I might have a random dry patch."