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Check out Megan's shower-centric morning beauty routine for healthy, glowing skin.
"I'm shower-obsessed and most of my morning routine takes place in there, actually. I use Acure probiotic cleanser, and my skin—typically acneic and un-smooth—is crazily smooth and silky after. It's actually nuts! I leave it on my face for like a minute—the steam from my scalding shower helps the ingredients penetrate—while I brush my teeth and lather my body, and then I stand under the shower with my mouth open and let everything wash away all at once."
"I think part of the secret is that instead of just rinsing off the cleanser, I massage it off with my EcoTools Complexion Facial Sponge (it's not out until January 1, on It's sort of fun—it's brittle and black and oblong and contains bamboo charcoal to remove dead skin. I'm noticeably glowier after."
"Out of the shower, I smooth on the tiniest dab of Acure probiotic face lotion—that’s all I need because it's insanely rich."
"And sometimes, on days when I'm still bleary-eyed, I spritz on Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist—another instant-glow trick that literally makes my eyes open wider, it's that instantaneous and dramatic!"