Meet Pantene's Gorgeous New Supermodel Brand Ambassador

Digital Beauty Editor

When you do a quick Google search of "Gisele Bündchen hair" you'll get over 17 million search results. Whether you're curious how Gisele's hair always looks so shiny or if you're wondering how she achieves her gorgeous color, her hair's been a hot topic of beauty conversation almost as long as she's been a model. So it's no surprise that following the Pantene partnership she's had in Brazil since 2007, she'll officially be the face of the U.S. campaigns starting in January.

via Pantene

Her first Pantene appearances will coincide with the launch of the brand's Damage Detox collection next month, which is designed to be like a reboot for your hair and get rid of impurities that prevent its natural shine. You'll also find Gisele promoting Pantene's new anti-oxidant damage-blocking technology that will be added to most of the brand's existing shampoos to help reduce copper build-up on hair and restore damage.

Maybe this means the trick to keeping hair healthy from hot tools and styling isn't so secret after all? Gisele's hair definitely proves to be inspiration.

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