The Prettiest Braids—No Matter What Your Hair Length

Jessica Stam

It's time to go double Dutch—with your hair that is! We love this recent double braided look from the gorgeous model. To recreate the style, divide hair straight down the middle and Dutch braid both sides. Make sure you pull out sections of the braid to look more effortless, then tie it back into a bun or a ponytail.

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Digital Beauty Editor


2013 was a year full of firsts for me: I ran my longest distance (12 miles), learned how to cook and landed my dream job here at Lucky! Something else that surprisingly ranked high up on my list of personal accomplishments? Mastering a fishtail braid. I know what you're thinking: After years of seeing all sorts of fancy braids on the runways and red carpet, a fishtail now seems like it's one of the most basic styles. But no matter how many how-tos I read, my fingers just didn't want to cooperate. It was finally thanks to Lucky's video series where stylist David Diegez showed an easy video tutorial when I figured it out.

Now that I'm hooked on braids, it doesn't cease to amaze me the different types of braids that have woven their way onto the red carpet as of late: From side braids to milkmaid styles, it seems like the hair inspiration is endless.

Click through for the latest cool ways to braid your hair, whether it's short, medium or long!

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