Thanks To, Nail Art Has Never Been Easier

No time to go to the nail salon? Don't stress! An at-home manicure just became so much easier with's professional service—straight to your door (and fingertips).

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If you've ever dreamed about getting a mani the same time you're getting your Starbucks, you're in luck. The new site makes finding an amazing nail artist super-easy: First, choose a style from the hundreds of pictures of gorgeous looks from your area (the site covers New York and San Francisco currently but is rolling out to more major cities over the next few months). Then, pick a location—the manicurist can even come to your house—and pay online so there isn't even a glimmer of a chance that you'll smudge your nails digging for your wallet.

A typical service is around $35 and takes about 45 minutes from the time you walk in to choose your style, colors and complete your manicure. You can also visit their new pop-up shop called the TopCoat Nail Studio, which just opened in San Francisco this week.

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Scroll through above to find out more about the cool service and what's trending right now in nail art from Ali Weizbowski,'s founder and president—and to see some of the company's awesome nail looks (there are tons on their Instagram, too!).

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