The Winter Skin Miracle Workers You Have To Try founder Emily Weiss and writer Alessandra Codinha.
These new face concoctions are packed with super-moisturizing, plant-based ingredients that leave your skin glowing, refreshed and incredibly hydrated. Here are seven great ones to try this winter.

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Conventional wisdom has long been that petroleum-based moisturizers were the ultimate in hydration—and it’s true, the occlusive barrier they create does hold in moisture. But the most hydrating, brightening and winter-weather-combating ingredients in skincare right now are coming from plants. The new botanicals treat skin with powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and fatty-acid-rich properties to repair and strengthen. L’Oréal’s new Age Perfect Glow Renewal Day/Night cream ($25, drugstores), for example, uses royal jelly, jasmine and soy to soothe skin and trigger collagen production, and the camellia-leaf-based Avon Elements Moisture Boost Daily Moisture cream ($9, leaves skin smoother, more luminous and decidedly fresh.

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