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These new face concoctions are packed with super-moisturizing, plant-based ingredients that leave your skin glowing, refreshed and incredibly hydrated. Here are seven great ones to try this winter.
Algae and yeast extract sweep away cell debris and regulate cell renewal overnight.
Frankincense and gardenia plant stem cells work together to even skin tone, increase collagen and improve elasticity.
Black tea leaves are antioxidants that fend off wrinkle-causing free radicals.
Twenty pure anti-aging plant extracts give you firmer skin, reduced wrinkles and less noticeable pores within a month.
Wild rose oil evens out the tone in your delicate under-eye area.
This rich cream made from edulis plant extract stimulates protein growth for radiant, smooth skin.
Alpine rose stem cells, jasmine and neroli nourish and protect against the elements and plump skin.