Alicia Keys' Amazing New Charitable Collab with Kiehl's

Digital Beauty Editor

I like to joke around with one of my med school friends that while she's trying to find cures to life-threatening illnesses, I'm saving the world one lip gloss at a time. But with some beauty brands like Kiehl's, that idea actually isn't far from reality.

For a limited time, Alicia Keys is partnering with Kiehl's on a special edition of their Midnight Recovery Concentrate. One hundred percent of the net profits (up to $200,000) will go to the Keep a Child Alive organization—a program that Keys co-founded in 2003, which is dedicated to provide treatment, education and support to children and their families affected by HIV.

The skin serum uses 10 botanicals and essentials oils like evening primrose and lavender oil to repair skin and make it look more radiant. Great winter skin plus an awesome charity? It's a no-brainer and available now at

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate, $46 for 1 fl. oz.,

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