Beauty Obsession of the Week: Glamglow's Winter Skin-Saving Treatment

Associate Beauty Producer

This winter has not been kind on my skin, so to give it the extra boost it needs, I rely on rejuvenating face masks and ultra-hydrating night treatments. I've tried many different formulas and combinations, but thus far, I've been most impressed by Glamglow's new Thirstymud hydrating treatment.

Thirstymud can be used in two ways: As a twenty-minute mask for a jolt of moisture and instant smoothness and as an overnight mask for an intense dose of hydration. How I use it varies with the state of my skin, but either way, the results are well worth the $69 price tag. Not only does it quench and help prevent dryness, but it also leaves me with a glowy, even and supple complexion—the likes of which I haven't seen since temperatures dropped below freezing. Plus, it smells incredible and never feels greasy. In short, this stuff is a winter skin miracle worker. Shop the treatment below and click here for more of our beauty obsessions!

Glamglow THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Treatment, $69,


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