The 22 Best Oscars Hairstyles of All Time

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We're officially naming these looks the best Oscars hairstyles in all of history! From the best blowouts to amazing updos, click through to see our favorite hair moments.

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As Oscars are the biggest awards show of the year, any actress walking the red carpet needs to look her very best. A lot on energy goes into choosing the perfect outfit, getting in tip-top shape and putting together a flawless makeup look—and let's not forget the importance of good hair! Even when paired with the most gorgeous of gowns and jewels, a bad styling job will ruin the ensemble's otherwise gorgeous effect. The leading ladies in the slideshow above, however, managed to not only get their updos and blowouts right, but win our vote for best award show hair ever. Click through to get inspired for your next formal event.

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