EXCLUSIVE: Charlotte Ronson's Beauty Tricks for Glasses-Wearing Girls

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Click through for a look at Charlotte Ronson's new Vogue Eyewear/CFDA collection—plus, cute tips on how to adjust your hair and makeup when wearing a pair of glasses.

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Digital Beauty Editor

On the rare occasion that I pull my hair up in a bun, I usually wear my eyeglasses. (I'm secretly aiming for the geeky/sexy libarian vibe. Obviously it's still a work in progress.) I love that wearing glasses makes my overall look instantly more interesting, plus having my hair in a bun means it doesn't get in the way of showing off my frames. As it turns out, Charlotte Ronson, who just designed a new collection for the Vogue Eyewear/CFDA Design Series, does a similar trick with her hair when she wears glasses. In the exclusive video below, she walks us through exactly what makes her glasses as cute as they are functional. After watching, click through above for her genius tips on how to adjust your hair and makeup to show off your next new pair.

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