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Click through for a look at Charlotte Ronson's new Vogue Eyewear/CFDA collection—plus, cute tips on how to adjust your hair and makeup when wearing a pair of glasses.
"When you’re wearing sunglasses or glasses, you’re drawing more attention to your face and the right makeup helps to highlight your best features. If I’m wearing colored frames, I’ll make sure that my lip color complements the frame color," says Ronson.
"A black frame with a red or pink lip is great. With the mint and pink colors in my new Vogue Eyewear collection, I like to pair it with a nude lip."
"Depending on the shape of the frames, I’ll definitely style my hair differently. With my new eyewear collection with Vogue Eyewear, there is a scallop detail on the side of the frames. I make sure to pull my hair back in a ponytail or a bun so that I can show off the detail–I don’t want to hide it."
"One of my beauty and style icons is Eva Mendes—I recently worked her as the muse for my new eyewear collection. I love Eva’s style. Her look is what inspired the design of the collection: Feminine details with girly touches of scallop detail, delicate floral prints and pastel hues."
Now that you're armed with great tips on how to pair your glasses with you makeup and hair, head to Sunglass Hut or LensCrafters to check out Charlotte Ronson's new frames.