Eight Beauty Products French Girls Swear By

A rich, multi-purpose cream favored by top makeup artists. It works wonders as a moisturizer, a makeup remover or a primer.
This best-selling oil is packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Use it to moisturize, repair and protect skin and hair.
The French know that one of the keys to great skin is sun protection. La Roche Posay's popular sunscreen is lightweight, mattifying and safe for sensitive skin.

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When I first arrived in Paris for a semester abroad my sophomore year of college, I quickly realized that I didn't fit in. This was not only due to my sub-par French accent, but also in part to the amount of makeup I wore. By American standards it wasn't a lot, but in France, I felt like a clown in comparison to the laissez-faire Parisian girls.

What puzzled me the most was how, despite being bare-faced, French women managed to look so perfect. Their secret? Really good skincare. French pharmacies, I discovered, are a treasure trove of miracle-working, relatively inexpensive skincare products that women are diligent about using. Lucky for us, many of these gems can be found on the Internet stateside. Above, I've rounded up eight standout oils and creams the French swear by.

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