Beauty Obsession of the Week: The Eye Makeup Remover That's Saving My Lashes

Digital Beauty Editor

I love the way multiple coats of mascara look on me, but I think I lose a little piece of my soul whenever I see an eyelash that's fallen out from vigorously wiping away my eye makeup with a cotton pad. Even if your perspective on the situation isn't as dramatic as mine, there is no way all that rubbing on the sensitive eye area is good for your lashes or your skin.

So when I first learned about Fresh's brand new Soy Conditioning Eye Makeup Remover, it wasn't the fact that it removes the most stubborn of waterproof makeup that had me hooked—all eye makeup removers should be able to do that!—but the fact that it also soothes and conditions your eye area, including your lashes, with a unique combo of mallow extract, cornflower extract, ginseng root and obviously soy, which is rich in amino acids that help your skin's elasticity. The milky fluid moisturizes your lashes while easily removing eye makeup—no intense swiping necessary. Plus, I found that it's great for the rest of your face as well. Although my lashes aren't quite as lush as I wish they could be, I'm glad to finally have an eye makeup remover that will save and strengthen the ones I have. Now bring on the mascara!

Fresh Soy Conditioning Eye Makeup Remover, $26,

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