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Model Malaika Firth looks especially bright-eyed with the help of these primers and concealers specifically formulated for your delicate upper and lower lid area. Click through for new ways to brighten up your look.
Put the patches over the cream to increase circulation and firm skin with collagen-stimulating ginseng and hydrating hyaluronic acid.
The seaweed-based formula is ultra hydrating and feels cool and refreshing for your undereye area.
Cornflower extract and chamomile infuse these patches, which reduce puffiness and soften skin under and around the eyes. Chill them for extra soothing.
This duo is made for both your lid and underneath your eye: One end is a creamy primer that smoothes out your skin and the other end is an oil-absorbing powder that makes your eyeshadow last for up to 15 hours.
Pat this under your eyes to minimize the look of dark circles.
Smooth this primer on your lids before applying eyeshadow for a crease-free look.
This eyelid primer extends the wear of any shadow. Plus, it comes in four shades.