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Got dry skin? Click through to learn how to look flawless anyway.
Maintenance and prep are key to a smooth and hydrated look. "Make sure skin is well exfoliated before applying moisturizer and makeup," says artist Beau Nelson. This way, your moisturizer fully absorbs into skin, and your makeup goes onto an even surface. Just be cautious not to over-exfoliate, which can cause dryness and irritation; two to three times per week will do the trick.
When picking a foundation, Nelson avoids powders. "They can exaggerate dryness," he says. "Liquids and creams are your freinds." And always choose a hydrating formula.
Nelson covers blemishes with a thin, liquid foundation on a brush. "You can easily layer it for added coverage," he says.
For touch-ups on dry skin, first replenish with a hydrating mist. "Then apply more foundation with a damp sponge only where you need," says Nelson. This method thins out the formula so it doesn't build up on your skin.