Flawless Makeup Tips For Dry Skin

Maintenance and prep are key to a smooth and hydrated look. "Make sure skin is well exfoliated before applying moisturizer and makeup," says artist Beau Nelson. This way, your moisturizer fully absorbs into skin, and your makeup goes onto an even surface. Just be cautious not to over-exfoliate, which can cause dryness and irritation; two to three times per week will do the trick.
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I'm facing a beauty dilemma. Thanks to the polar vortex, my complexion is not only dry, but it's also riddled with red blotches and breakouts. Have you ever tried to apply foundation and concealer on rough, flaky skin? The results are, well, less than ideal. For a quick fix, I sought out the advice of New York makeup artist Beau Nelson. Click through above for his amazing tips!

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