Jared Leto's Ombré Hair Is Full of Secrets

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"To be honest, Chase is the one that came up with the look of the long hair," says Grenia in an interview with The Cut. "Jared knows what to do with his hair. He isn't someone who doesn't understand it. He knows hair. He actually did a lot of those early cuts himself!"

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Just when we thought the gradient color hair trend was winding down, Jared Leto styled his silky ombré hair into a "man bun" for the Golden Globes, piqueing our interest in it yet again. And obviously, when someone reinvents a hairstyle—especially if the person in question is a guy—we need to know all the details. Here are a few surprising facts we learned about Jared's head-turning hair, straight from his NYC-based hairstylists Aaron Grenia of the Rheanne White Salon and Chase Kusero.

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