Jean Godfrey-June Talks Health Tips And Beauty Products For The New Potato


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Our executive beauty editor Jean Godfrey-June has one of the best reputations—not to mention some of the best skin—in the business. The beauty powerhouse recently kicked it with the ladies of The New Potato (remember Eva Chen's awesome interview earlier this year?) to discuss her top health and diet tips, favorite beauty product recommendations and what her ideal meal would be. Below, we've chronicled the five most important quotes from Jean's interview—be prepared to take notes (and for your stomach to grumble).

1. On her ideal breakfast: "I have a friend who makes poached eggs and a wicked kale-plus-all-things juice/smoothie, so I'd have that on my porch (it would be summer) with some Peet's Coffee for breakfast."

2. On how the beauty industry has changed: "There are just six billion more products than there used to be. And the message silently (or not so silently) emanating from the majority of them is more "have fun!" and "enjoy being pretty!" than "cover your embarrassing flaws!"

3. On from where she draws inspiration: "Weirdly, sitting down and writing is what inspires me. If I say something aloud, it's probably pretty ordinary, but if I sit and write about the same subject, it comes out much better. Reading is of course very inspiring...The job of being a beauty editor dumps you into all sorts of weird situations and places you wouldn’t normally choose or have access to."

4. On what she wouldn't travel without: "Burt's Bees Hand Sanitizer, which has no triclosan or other antibiotics and smells like cinnamon, yet manages to obliterate all germs. I spray it about fifty times an hour on my hands when I'm on a plane."

5. On a go-to recipe for a night in: "I make a coconut milk chowder with bay scallops and garlic croutons that is as insanely easy as it is insanely delicious."

To read Jean Godfrey-June's entire interview with The New Potato (and to get the scoop on her full beauty regimen), head to!

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