The New Neutral Palette to Get Excited About

Associate Beauty Producer

Eye shadow palettes full of bright and fun colors have always been alluring, but as Urban Decay's fast-selling Naked3 recently proved, neutrals now hold that power too—and perhaps even more so. Though arguably not as eye-catching, they're a smarter investment. Neutral palettes don't contain out-there shades that will go untouched. They can be used to create looks that are work-, weekend- or nighttime-appropriate—plus, they're seasonless and trend-proof.

In short, we're big fans. So we were obviously psyched when we heard about the launch of another amazing neutral palette to obsess over: MAC's Eye Shadow X 15. The set, available in warm neutral or cool neutral, contains a combination of 15 shades in a wide variety of finishes. Coming in at $100, the price tag may seem steep, but when you do the math, you'll find the product is actually worth a whole lot more. Head to or your local MAC store to shop it now!

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