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If the product is made for color-treated hair, it’s better.
"Low- or no-sulfate formulas definitely make color last longer," says Marie Robinson, owner of New York’s Marie Robinson Salon. "And shampoo with a violet base keeps blonde tones from going brassy."
Never wash after coloring.
Wait at least 24 hours, or you’ll wash the dye right out. After a day, though, it’s sealed in.
Wash your hair less, period.
It’s not just shampooing that fades color—water alone will do it. Robinson says: "Shampoo every two days—less if you can go longer." Use dry shampoo in between.
Conceal roots with texture.

"Wearing your hair straight and parted just highlights regrowth," says colorist Harry Josh, international creative consultant for John Frieda. "Tousled hair is not only sexy; it also hides roots."

Another easy fix: Color Wow’s Root Cover-Up powder brushes on in seconds and totally conceals roots until you shampoo.

Deep-condition twice a week.
 "Color-treated hair needs hydration, especially in winter," says Rita Hazan, of New York’s Rita Hazan Salon. Pick a conditioner focused more on moisture than protein—overusing the latter can actually weaken your hair.
Gloss every few weeks.
"It adds back pigment, corrects brassiness and makes your hair shinier," says Hazan. And while in-salon glosses contain higher levels of pigment, at-home versions—like Hazan’s Foaming Color Gloss and John Frieda’s new Colour Refreshing Gloss—make a huge difference.
Limit heat styling.
Irons and dryers damage and fade color, so use heat-protecting products. "There’s something nice about letting your hair air-dry and take on its natural texture," says Robinson. Josh tells his clients: "Slick it back with leave-in conditioner into a low bun with a side part—it’s so chic; plus, it gives your hair a rest."
Use a frizz fighter, even if you don’t have frizz.
"When your hair is smooth and the cuticle is flat, you can see the shine and dimensional color," says Hazan.