PHOTOS: Model Soo Joo Chopped Off Her Hair!

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Soo Joo is no stranger to changing her hairstyle. Click through to see her much shorter new look.

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It seems like only yesterday that model Soo Joo officially became our platinum hair muse of the year—and today, she showed off a new chopped look on Instagram! We all know bleaching your hair isn't the best for hair health, so Soo Joo decided it was "time for a fresh start," according to a Vogue interview.

NYC-based hairstylist Christiann Houtenbos (the mastermind behind Grace Jones' signature flat top) cut Soo Joo's chest-length hair into a shaggy, two-toned bob that barely hits her chin. Click through above to check out Soo Joo's new look, and head to Vogue for an awesome eight-second video of her hair transformation.

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