NYC's Union Square Red Door Spa is Officially Open

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Click through for a full tour of The Red Door, a brand-new luxe spa that just opened in New York City's Union Square.

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Digital Beauty Editor

My first spa memory is of me at eight years old, tagging along with my sister and our cousin as they spent a full pampering day at Elizabeth Arden's famous Red Door Spa on Fifth Avenue. No, I wasn't one of those New York City children that had facials as soon as I learned to talk; in fact, I didn't understand what they could possibly be doing in there for six hours. But when they came out rejuvenated and refreshed with glowing skin and perfect manicures, I understood that something magical had happened behind those red doors.

So it was at an early age that I understood Elizabeth Arden's Red Door Spa was an icon in the beauty world. It's been around for over a century as the go-to place for the ultimate beauty getaway. But as much as anyone loves a full day at the spa, often we just don't have the time to dedicate to that level of pampering. As an amazing fix, in comes the brand's new bi-level spa, The Red Door, which features all of the same traditional services as the flagship Fifth Avenue location on its downstairs level—but the entire upstairs is an expedited salon that can get you in and out in under 30 minutes.

The new spa offers a beauty bar, blow-dry bar, makeup station, nail salon and skin treatments. Plus, the 10,000-square-foot space is absolutely stunning, so you really feel like you're getting a mini staycation during your lunch break. Prices for express services start at $15 for a manicure refresher and go up to $125 for a 25-minute facial. Click through to for a full tour of The Red Door, and visit for more info and to book an appointment.

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