Zooey Deschanel's 11 Best Nail Art Moments

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From 3D daisies to film strips, we always look forward to seeing what quirky nail art designs Zooey Deschanel will debut next. Many of these intricate creations are the work of celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik, who told us over email that "her nail art choices are simply an extension of her personality—she is and loves cute!" Below, Bachik walks us through his and Zooey's process.

"She’s normally pretty literal in her nail art choices and always has a good idea of what she wants. Sometimes it can be as vague as ‘How about TVs?' and 'my dress is blue’ to 'I want black and white’. From there we fine-tune the colors and design. Sometimes, ideas will come in the moment, like the mustaches I did for the 2013 Emmys. To create the black and white checkerboard pattern, I was wiping the paint out of the brush on a tray and Zooey said, 'What are you making, a mustache?' So we added them on the thumbs for an extra bit of fun."

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