Nine Pampering DIY Beauty Treatments To Try While Watching The Oscars

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From facial masks to teeth whiteners, click through for plenty of fun ideas to pass the time while watching the Oscars this weekend.


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Digital Beauty Editor

There are very few things that can pull me away from my Sunday night House of Cards marathons, but I make an exception for the Oscars. Not only do I love the witnessing the best red carpet event of the year, but I enjoy the acceptance speeches and making mental notes of all the movies I need to catch up on. However, anyone will admit that four hours is a lot of time to devote to a show in one sitting. And while live-tweeting about the Oscars is entertaining, you can also get a little beauty maintenance done to make the most of your time. Click through for some of our favorite DIY ways to pamper yourself at home while watching the big event.

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