Beauty Obsession Of The Week: Why The Best Way To Wear Radiant Orchid Is On Your Cheeks

Associate Beauty Producer

Radiant Orchid, Pantone's 2014 Color of the Year, is really pretty. But makeup-wise, I've found the shade difficult to pull off without looking too girly and Barbie doll-like. That is, until I discovered Benefit's newest cheek stain, Lollitint.

Yes, Lollitint is orchid-colored, and yes, it looks amazing—trust me! It gives cheeks a gorgeous, dewy flush and because it has a blue base, it's flattering on most skin tones.

Now, out of any blush type, stains are the most long lasting and provide the most natural-looking effect, but they're also the most difficult to apply. On its website, Benefit recommends brushing the tint directly on the apples of your cheek and then quickly blending up and over with your fingertips (warning: it dries fast!), but I got more even results by dabbing the formula on with my finger first.

Pro tip: Backstage at Opening Ceremony during New York Fashion Week, makeup artist Aaron de Mey brushed a thin layer of concealer over a similar orchid-hued blush to make the flush look like it was actually coming from underneath the skin. This youthful look is perfect for days when you don't want to look so done-up. 

Benefit Lollitint, $30,

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