Beauty Obsession: La Prairie's New Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil Is Your Winter Skin Cure-All

Digital Beauty Editor

Our editor-in-chief's mission to get everyone hooked on face oils is working—one happy, gorgeously glowy face at a time. Although face oils  aren't a new thing, I've only recently jumped on the bandwagon with La Prairie's brand-new Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil.

You would think oil would feel heavy, but the formula is surprisingly light as air. I could barely tell that I had it in my hands. It was so lightweight that the first time I tried it, I dispensed way too much in my palm before rubbing it onto my face and it became sort of a messy, drippy disaster. Don't make the mistake I made! All you need is one or two drops on each side of your face—it's enough to not miss a single spot.

So what's the big deal about the recent resurgence of face oils anyway? I learned that my go-to creamy moisturizers are water-based, so they don't lock in hydration as well as oils do. Face oils also contain powerful and more expensive (hence the steeper price tags) nutrients that work quickly and more effectively to help skin repair itself. It's exactly the thing your skin needs in this nose-nipping harsh winter weather. This one by La Prairie has a combination of rare and pure oils that not only seal in moisture, but have great anti-aging properties too. My combination skin had no issues soaking in the oil while leaving behind a really soft, smooth texture—no shiny spots at all. It even works on oily skin to help balance out the natural oils that your cleanser might strip away. Considering you only need one or two drops a day (it'll last forever), you really get a lot for your buck with this miracle worker.

La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Dry Oil, $300,

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