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Gracie Gold, Jamie Anderson, Hannah Teter and other Olympic athletes from this year's Sochi Games spill on the beauty products they use all winter long. Click through to shop all their go-tos!
"When I gets breakouts from sweating under the helmet, I use Origins Super Spot Remover—it works so fast!” —Olympic bobsledder Jazmine Fenlator

"Something new to my beauty routine that I've recently been loving is Pantene's Thermal Heat Protector. It comes in a little fun squirt bottle so it's easy to use, and it's made a huge difference in terms of protecting my hair. My hair is really thick, so even when I dry it overnight after washing it, it's still wet in the morning so I need to blow it dry." —Olympic figure skater Gracie Gold

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"The Neutrogena Oil-Free Grapefruit wash is so refreshing and has tiny little beads in it, so I feel like I’m taking away that layer of grossness and dead skin. The scent makes me feel so fresh and clean.” —Olympic hockey player Hilary Knight

“Shiseido makes these little Pure Retinol Eye Masks that I love because I can put them on for 10 minutes anywhere—on a plane, before bed. And I can hide them under my goggles too! They make my eyes look refreshed no matter how exhausted I am.” —Olympic snowboarder Hannah Teter

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“I like to go for a walk after a long flight, so I just quickly slather on MAC Studio Moisture Tint in SPF 15 to get a little coverage and sun protection.” —Olympic hockey player Hilary Knight
“I can’t wait to take off my helmet and wash my face after a game. I use these Neutrogena wipes when I’m traveling—going from car to car and bus to bus, they’re just so easy to have on hand."—Olympic hockey player Hilary Knight
“Once a week I use the Osea Algae exfoliator with my Clarisonic—I love how soft my skin feels afterwards!”—Olympic skier Julia Mancuso
"This gel really hydrates my skin and keeps it moist and healthy up in the mountains and all these crazy [weather] conditions." —Olympic snowboarder Jamie Anderson