EXCLUSIVE: Emmy Rossum's Best Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin

Emmy Rossum loves experimenting with beauty products and her constantly amazing hair, makeup and skin is daily proof. We have all the details on her go-to beauty items and tips—plus, her favorite $5 hair accessory. Click through for her best beauty advice, and to shop her favorite products!

"I switch off between Restorsea and the Faceplace Face Shampoo—I really like both of these to keep my skin looking great."

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"I always use eye cream. Even if I don't have time for moisturizer, I always use eye cream. I like to store it in the fridge because the cold helps shrink the puffiness in the undereye area. It's really the best trick. I keep one in my bag, too, because it's great for travel."
"Even though my hair is thick, it gets so much wear and tear, so I take biotin supplements and when my hair gets really trashed, I take Viviscal. Both of those work really well for me. But I think what you put in your body matters. Make sure you have enough omega-3s from salmon, and you want to make sure it's Atlantic salmon to avoid mercury! Make sure you have a balanced diet. I think that really, really reflects in terms of skincare and hair. I know if I've been dieting too hard or bingeing on sugar, my skin really reacts to that."

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"Sometimes if I've decided I put too much makeup on that day, I'll mist my face with a rosewater spray or even just Evian mineral water spray. It'll take that top layer of 'painted look' off and tone it down a bit."

"One of my favorite beauty cheapies are the sock buns you can buy at Ricky's. They work really well for making a bad hair day into a good hair day really quickly."

Our pick: Ricky's NYC Capelli Grey Ditzy Dot Bun Shaper, $5, rickysnyc.com.

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"Lauren Hutton is my beauty icon. I saw Catherine Deneuve in person on New Year's Eve in London and she was so stunning and beautiful. I just think people who age gracefully are so beautiful."

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Narrowing down my beauty questions for Emmy Rossum was no easy task. Her hair is so shiny and thick, her skin is always perfectly dewy and she kills it with her makeup looks—on and off the red carpet (case in point: the wonderfully bright orange-red lipstick from NARS she wears in the photo below). Luckily, Emmy has her routine down to a science and was more than ready to talk all things beauty.

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Emmy Rossum and me chatting about her beauty routine.

Clearly, as the brand ambassador for Restorsea, many of her go-to products were skincare-focused—and she has the best skin ever to prove it. But the actress has tons of great ideas when it comes to makeup and hair, too. Click through above for her beauty lessons, favorite products and top icons.

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