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We asked some of MAC Cosmetics' senior makeup artists to tell us the one beauty product they couldn't survive Fashion Week without. Click through to see their must-haves.

"MAC Lightful Marine-Bright Formula Softening Lotion has been a savior for my skin when traveling and working long hours. It gives my skin the boost it needs and wakes it up instantly." —MAC Senior Artist, UK, Cher Webb


"Fix + [spray] is the ultimate pick-me-up product. It keeps me hydrated, fresh and best of all, awake during Fashon Week." —MAC Director of Makeup Artistry, U.S., Gregory Arlt


"I don't know how I would survive without Prolongwear Concealer. This is my go-to product for great all-day skin coverage! We makeup artists gotta look good too you know!" —M.A.C. Senior Artist, Australia and New Zealand, Nicole Thompson


"I can go through an entire box of blotting papers. The days are so long, you sleep so few hours, and the lighting backstage is very strong. I press my face with them three times a day and put blot powder on top of it all the time." —MAC Senior Artist, France, Tom Sapin