Fashion Week By the Numbers, According to MAC Cosmetics

"I can go through an entire box of blotting papers. The days are so long, you sleep so few hours, and the lighting backstage is very strong. I press my face with them three times a day and put blot powder on top of it all the time." —MAC Senior Artist, France, Tom Sapin


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Digital Beauty Editor

MAC Cosmetics and fashion have always gone hand in hand. And this season, they'll be supporting over 200 shows. But no matter how many times we go backstage, we never get sick of seeing (and digging through!) the makeup experts' "artistry kits", which are basically like the Holy Grail of makeup bags. But what exactly goes into packing these perfectly-prepped cases? MAC broke down the fascinating numbers for us:

Number of eyeliners ordered for artists' kits: 2,000

Number of lipsticks, Lipglasses, Lipmixes, Lip Erase and Conditioners ordered: 1,400

Number of eye pencils ordered: 1,250

Number of mascara wands and tubes ordered: 3,810

Number of false lashes ordered: 800

For more beauty products the senior artists at MAC can't live without during fashion week, click through the slideshow above!

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